What our Customers say...


A big fire from a stove in my business caused a lot of damage, but SERVPRO was able to help us clean it up and help put us back in business. Thanks again.

After having a fire start on my kitchen stove, I was devastated, but I called SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Heights and they came out and I was impressed by their ability to clean up any mess left behind by the fire, while also eliminating any smell from the fire. Really grateful for this company!

SERVPRO cleaned up the mold in our storage units quickly. Nice job. 

A big storm left a flood in our basement. SERVPRO cleaned it up quickly and well.

This is definitely the company to call for help with your home. Mike the owner is amazing to talk to, what a nice guy. I highly recommend mike. Thank you Mike for all your help with our home. Wish I could give you 10 stars!!!

When we received the news that we were closing our office, I was overwhelmed with all that needed to be done. I was super thankful that I hired SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Heights. They made everything super simple and did an amazing job with our decommission. 

Thank you for a great and timely job! I truly appreciate all of your hard work! 

SERVPRO did a wonderful job cleaning our carpets! We put our old house on the market & started receiving offers right away; definitely a nod to this company & their team of experts. Staff is super professional & Marco was amazing. Thank you guys for all your help. I will be calling in the future should I need any type of restoration service.

SERVPRO was very helpful when I discovered water in my basement. The crew was very nice and worked very hard and now my basement is way better. Thanks SERVPRO! 

SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Heights came to my home after I discovered mold in my basement. They were quick and efficient. Marco is truly a professional. 

I've used SERVPRO for every restoration need I've had and always appreciate their prompt service. They're always very nice and professional. 

SERVPRO came to my house to remove water from my basement after a storm and were super professional and helpful. Thanks again, SERVPRO! 

SERVPRO just came to give me an estimate and they thought I had asbestos tiles in my basement. They can not remove it but they provided me a company who did. Both company's  worked together and helped me get a senior rate. Love Them!!

I had a broken pipe twice SERVPRO took care of twice and dealt with the insurance company.  I had to do nothing.

I am the manager of this store and I thought we had mold. I called my corporate office and they sent out SERVPRO and they took care of it safely.

We had an electrical fire from our dryer. SERVPRO cleaned it up very quickly. Thanks

SERVPRO cleaned my apartment after a fire.Thank you

A big thank you. I could never had cleaned up after that special circumstances.

Thank you for your professional and prompt service.

Thank you Mike I called him 3 times for 3 different problems. Love SERVPRO

I had raccoons in garage apartment and they cleaned raccoon droppings for days and my garage safe again!!

Customer destroyed one of our rooms. Called them and they came out gave us and started cleaning asap.

During a flood SERVPRO came out in 1 hour. I was out of town and they made our babysitter feel so comfortable dealing with this. 

SERVPRO was helping our neighbor we went over talked to Marco. Even though it was 2:00 am he helped us too.

I had mold in my attic. Now I feel safe. Thanks Marco.

SERVPRO had us back in business in an hour! Thank You

Marco changed our ceiling tiles after it rained. He was so helpful.

SERVPRO will get all my business from now on! Marco was wonderful went above and beyond. So clean no more smoke smell.

OUTSTANDING CARPET CLEANING JOB........ Thank you for getting rid of wine stain.

LOVE SERVPRO removed my mold!!!

Frank and Dawn were great. I called SERVPRO and they were here in one hour. Pulled carpet and pad and put in machines to start drying.  I let all my neighbor know to call them!

I am a senior and can not drive. Dawn and Frank made sure I had breakfast and lunch everyday for three weeks while they cleaned out basement after several floods. Dawn always calls and checks up on me to make sure I am ok and if I need anything. They are my new friends forever... 

It was flooding everywhere and Mike came out right away. Thank You Mike!

Insurance Company would not cover my flood. I am 92 years old and Mike helped me with the cost. They even took me to the grocery store. That is called great service!!! Thanks SERVPRO

Job Well Done!!!

Mike was trustworthy saved us money.

SERVPRO Norridge/ Harwood Heights found mold after a flood and cleaned it up so our daughter can play safe in the basement. Thank you for such great service. You really care.

Frozen Pipes during the winter, Mike made sure he took care of us while we were out of town. THANK YOU

Within days, we had our attic cleaned by SERVPRO after Raccoon Infestation. We were so afraid that they would come back, but SERVPRO repaired the hole, cleaned the attic and replaced the insulation. Even though the temperature was 120 degrees in the attic they were able to finish in days.

SERVPRO was very professional, prompt and polite. I am very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for better service. They are going to be friends for life.

SERVPRO went above and beyond in accommodating our needs in every way. We will certainly praise you to everyone we know.

SERVPRO took care are mold and we able to sell our home.

Mike and Frank were great!!

SERVPRO They are like family.

SERVPRO cares about their seniors. frank was wonderful.

Mike was very helpful and trustworthy.

Frank was very helpful and knowledgeable.